Here at Advanced Scale Technology, we prioritize every order. This is part of our commitment towards excellence and five-star level service. Right from the request down to the actual delivery, our service will never fail you. Since 1990, we've established our reputation and a strong client base. Due to our in-depth knowledge of the rental scale market, we're aware of the challenges and opportunities. We take every challenge seriously, therefore establishing our foothold and making us the real authority in scale rentals.
Check out our products and services:
- Simple and modernized scales: From basic counting and shipping scales to digital scales, we have a large variety for all of our clients. The Advanced Scale Technology staff is also trained professionally to handle all of the scales, basic and digital, and instruments in our product offering.

- Rental scale consultancy: Aside from offering rental scales, If you have questions about the scales that can fit your business, simply reach out to us. As we get helpful data from your business, we can recommend the best units, from our basic counting and shipping scales to our digital scales.

- Free delivery: For all of our clients within Dallas and nearby areas, we offer free delivery.

- Future discounts: As our business continues to grow, we're planning to add discounts for our customers. Here at our website, you'll see any future updates. 

- Frequent maintenance for all scales: Every scale in our warehouse is frequently maintained to ensure that they can work at 100%.

If you need an accurate scale for your business, contact us at 214-334-1770. You can also send us an email at tslater100@gmail.com