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Our complete counting scale and platform weighing rental program is designed to save you time and money. From selection of equipment through testing, delivery, and customer training we provide the full service you come to expect form Advanced Scale Technology.
Every scale and measuring device requires maintenance, occasional repair and calibration to sustain a high level of accuracy and functionality. Advanced Scale Technology provides service & support on our complete line of scales and balances. Give us a call today to find out how AST can work with you and your company. 
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Welcome to Advanced Scale Technology
The simple process of weighing an object can mean a lot for manufacturers and large-scale companies. To determine if a product can pass quality testing, it must be weighed accordingly. Once the product is weighed, it'll undergo other important processes before being shipped to its final destination. With the demand for producers and manufacturers on the rise, weighing scales became more valuable than ever. Every day, scales are bought and rented from many parts of the world. Apparently, some companies realized that renting out scales is more convenient for their operations. If you're planning to rent out a useful scale for your company, one provider that you can trust is Advanced Scale Technology.

Advanced Scale Technology is one of the most reputable providers of rental scales in Dallas. With the company's straightforward and simple service, it has attracted hundreds of clients. Ever since 1990, Advanced Scale Technology dealt with all types of manufacturers and small company owners. Most of them would often rent out many scales at once to deal with their continuous operations. During the early years of its operation, Advanced Scale Technology had a selection of basic weighing scales. As demand continues to grow, the company built modernized scales that can deliver outputs with high precision. Most of these digitally modernized scales are reliable in big operations where continuous product shipping is often required. Even though Advanced Scale Technology caters to manufacturers, it still extends its service to customers who only need to rent one scale at a time.
Every Piece Counts
Over the years, Advanced Scale Technology stayed ahead of the market by offering a highly personalized service. Whenever a client requests a scale, the representatives of Advanced Scale Technology will process the order right away. They will ask the client what scales are needed and when it'll be ready. The company will also deliver the scales to the client locations. At times, the scales are also available for pickup.

Advanced Scale Technology is dedicated to improving its services for the coming years. Don't hesitate to contact the company if ever you need a reliable scale!